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Big content drop coming to Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online, a popular MMORPG, is adding a large set of new skills, abilities, and in-game events, just in time for the holiday season.

Game developer Pearl Abyss have revealed a number of new updates and content coming to their MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), Black Desert Online. The free update adds multiple new abilities, as well as Succession, Awakening and new powerful weapons for various existing characters. The update also kicks off with a series of new dynamic in-game events and rewards. 

Black Desert’s newest class, the Guardian, is receiving her Awakening skill set, along with new weapons. She now wields the massive Jördun – a blade burning with the Holy Flame of Ynix. The Guardian swings this razor-sharp weapon with ease, bringing wrath down upon her enemies. The flames of Jördun can unleash a wide-array of attacks and boast such destructive power. 

Guardian’s Awakening skills include: 

  • Searing Fang: Charge forward in an explosion of flames after smashing Jördun down on the ground. 
  • God Incinerator: Slam Jördun on the ground, causing an eruption of fire that scorches the ground around the Guardian. 
  • Cleansing Flame: Spin around and slash in a powerful circular swing, spreading Jördun’s flames in an AOE attack that incinerates all enemies in its way. 
  • Infernal Nemesis: Fly up into the air using the power of the Holy Flame to swoop down and incinerate your enemies. 

The update also delivers new Succession skills to three existing characters: the Tamer, the Mystic, and the Valkyrie. Combining the new set of skills with each of the original character weapons gives Adventurers an opportunity to test out their beloved mains with a different spin on gameplay. 

Adventurers can receive scrolls that boost the combat and skill experience points by levelling up Tamer, Mystic, or Valkyrie to 58. Additional gold bars and Advice of Valks will be given upon reaching level 60. Those who want to level up Guardian will receive rewards for the completion of special quests for the class.  

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