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Aurora’s Cave demo now on Steam

“Aurora: The Lost Medallion”, punted as “the ultimate point-and-click adventure”, is here with a free demo.

Noema Games has released the demo for Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave.

Gamers can get ready to be drawn into a point-and-click universe filled with vivid hand-drawn artwork, immersive soundscapes, engaging puzzles, and an enthralling story, 39 light years away from Earth on the frozen, icy and dangerous Planet Eedor.

Explore the Cave with Aurora, the youngest of its residents, as she navigates a thrilling game of hide-and-seek. Every step uncovers a new facet of the game’s lore, drawing players deeper into the richly detailed world.

Get a sneak peek of the adventure ahead in the Demo Trailer. The demo is packed with gripping puzzles and promises to keep one engrossed for an hour or more, especially for those new to the adventure genre.

Download Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave demo now available on Steam for free. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

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