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Audi creates custom dashcam

Many dashcams look like aftermarket equipment, which is why Audi has created a small dashcam unit that attaches to the top of the windshield and matches the interior of an Audi car.



Insurance companies rejoice! Thanks to the new Audi Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR), drivers will now have evidence of road events. The UTR is a recording device, equipped with a full HD camera that is seamlessly installed in the front and/or rear of an Audi car. It can record as far as the eye can see, and has a storage capacity of up to 48 hours.

UTR comes with a car finder and three different surveillance modes, namely: Standard, Event, and Parking – the device keeps an eye out for you, while you keep your eyes on the road ahead, or if you’re parked and someone dings your car while you’re away.

To ensure that drivers keep looking forward, Audi is offering up to 20% off when users purchase a UTR. Offer valid for a limited time, whilst stock last

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