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AppDate: Learn in the
dark with Coursera

In this AppDate SEAN BACHER highlights how Coursera offers off-line learning, FNB and Clicks rewarding their customers, Wise Mover, Goodbudget and Luno’s new crypto buying method.

Learn in the dark with Coursera

With the Coursera app one can learn new skills, or better current ones, when there is no power, by downloading tutorials to a mobile device.

The app allows one to learn job relevant skills and industry standard tools through hands-on projects. The courses are tailored to suit a learner’s current skills and can boost a person’s level of education up to a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Coursera offers:

• Flexible schedules and on-demand courses

• Downloadable videos for offline viewing

• Mobile-friendly courses suitable for learning on any device

• Video subtitles for a variety of languages, including: Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish

Courses include:

• Computer science: programming, mobile, web development and Python

• Data science: machine learning, probability and statistics, data analysis

• Business: finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, business strategy, e-commerce, design

• Information technology: cloud computing, support and operations, data management, security

Once a course has been successfully completed, Coursera issues the relevant degree.

Platform: Android

Expect to pay: A free download

For more information visit the Coursera site here.

FNB and Clicks reward their customers

In April FNB and Clicks are helping consumers stretch their budgets by giving them up to 30% back in eBucks. They need to shop in-store or online at Clicks using their FNB or RMB private bank virtual cards.

Ashley Saffy, head of spend and customer value management at FNB card, says: “An increasing number of our customers are using their virtual cards online as well as adding a virtual card to a digital wallet of choice, to make contactless payments in-store. Since launching our customers have processed approximately over R20 billion on 3.9 million active virtual cards.”

Creating a virtual card is instant and free. The bank has been creating more enabled digital wallet solutions to help its customers switch to safer and more convenient ways to pay. In addition to its own FNB tap & scan to pay, customers can also use several digital wallets supported by FNB Pay – such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, and SwatchPAY.

One of the key security features of the FNB virtual card is its CVV (the three-digit number at the back of the card). This CVV (card verification value) number is unique as it changes frequently to provide clients with better protection. Online purchases are secured by customer authentication on the FNB app, while point-of-sale purchases for higher amounts may require a PIN to be captured by the customer on the POS device.

Platform: Android and iOS

Stockists: Visit FNB’s website here for more information

Expect to pay: A free download

Trusted movers with Wise Mover

If one has a small item of furniture to move from A to B, or a whole household, one can find an instant quote from a vetted mover via Wise Move. 

“Wise Move is able to locate movers nationwide and has taken most of the pain out of moving – many people rate moving as one of the most stressful life events,” says CEO and co-founder Chanté Venter.

As soon as you’re satisfied with a proposal, you can manage the entire process online – including the option to choose a no-contact removal from outside your property, meaning that movers don’t need to enter your home or office. 

Wise Move has also partnered with MyProperty to assist with relocating costs nationwide.

“Finding a moving company isn’t all that hard, but finding one you can trust and at a fair price is where the tricky part comes in,” says Venter.

Platform: Any computer with an up-to-date internet browser

Expect to pay: Free download

Stockists: For more information clink on the Mind Mover website here.

Goodbudget goes virtual

The Goodbudget planner is a money manager and expense tracker that is suitable for home budget planning. The personal finance manager is a virtual update on the old envelope system – basically a proactive budget planner that helps one stay on top of bills and finances. It is built for Android and iOS

Features include:

• Expense tracking

• Check account balances

• Scheduled transactions

• Split expense transactions

• Save time with smart payee and category suggestions

• Transfer funds between accounts

• A location-based widget where one can enter and trace common transactions

• No physical envelopes

• The ability to roll unused funds over to the next month

• Plan finances ahead of time to keep budgets on track

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit the Goodbudget planner website here for more information

A new crypto buying method from Luno

In the past Luno users could only buy crypto currency through their ZAR wallet. This meant one would have to first transfer money into the wallet by linking a credit card, a debit card or bank account, and then buying the currency of choice.

Luno has since updated its platform to allow buyers to buy crypto with their debit or credit card – cutting out any waiting periods.

To get started one needs to log into Luno, click on the wallet option, select buy and then choose the desired crypto currency. Once a crypto has been selected, choose the credit or debit card, authorise the bank to link it up to the Luno account, and begin buying.

Platform: Any computer with an up-to-date internet browser

Expect to pay: A free download.

Stockists: Visit Luno here for downloading instructions.

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