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AppDate: App helps parents keep kids safe online

In his most recent AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights FYI play it safe, BanQu, mPowa, uConsult and Telkom Pay through WhatsApp.



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Telkom Pay through WhatsApp

Telkom has reached the landmark of 10,000 subscribers to its digital wallet, operated through WhatsApp, which allows one to transact without cash or face-to-face interaction, provided both parties are signed up.

It has now added a Telkom Pay Virtual Card, which works like a debit or credit card, eliminating the need to carry cash and increasing the customer’s safety. Telkom Payalso features a personalised voice and data mobile deal platform called Mo’Nice, which offers full access to all its prepaid voice and data plans instead of just the few bundles that were available at the start.

Telkom Pay allows customers to purchase gaming, streaming and transport vouchers from providers like Lords Mobile, Roblox, Deezer, Showmax, Netflix, Netflorist and Makro.

Platform: Any device capable of running the latest WhatsApp version

Expect to pay: A free service but with transaction fees. 

Stockists: To use Telkom Pay, one needs to message “Hi” to the digital wallet WhatsApp number which is 0684 83 5566. The services can also be accessed by dialling *120*2234# or by visiting

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