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AppDate: App helps parents keep kids safe online

In his most recent AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights FYI play it safe, BanQu, mPowa, uConsult and Telkom Pay through WhatsApp.



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uConsult is a virtual consultation platform, enabling home-based care in South Africa. The system allows healthcare providers to connect with patients, whether they have medical aid cover or not, or which scheme they may belong to. 

uConsult connects healthcare providers with patients using simple technology, making it accessible at any time and on most devices. The platform includes an electronic diary, patient file management, the generation of clinical notes and prescriptions, and requests for radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology and specialist referrals. 

Patients are able to search for healthcare providers on uConsult by name, speciality or geolocation. Virtual consultations can take place whether the patient or the practitioner is based in South Africa or not.

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date browser

Expect to pay: Prices vary depending on the duration and speciality. Doctors also need to pay a registration fee.

Stockists: Visit uConsult here for registration information.

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