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AppDate: App helps parents keep kids safe online

In his most recent AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights FYI play it safe, BanQu, mPowa, uConsult and Telkom Pay through WhatsApp.

FYI play it safe

FYI play it safe is an app for parents that informs them when their child’s online interactions and social media activity show potential signs of cyberbullying, depression, chats with online predators, or when they engage in adult content. This is not a parental control app, but rather an added layer of protection, which gives parents a chance to know when to talk with their children and what to talk about. 

FYI play it safe was founded by concerned parents of teens who don’t want to deprive children of using smartphones, but who want to keep children as safe as possible in an online environment without invading their privacy.

Platform: Android

Expect to pay: The family package supporting up to four children will cost R1 200 per annum.

Stockists: Visit the FYI play it safe website here for more information on the app and downloading instructions.

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