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AppDate: Signature playing cards for serious collectors

In this AppDate instalment, SEAN BACHER highlights Sportsfan Signature Moves Springbok cards, Telkom Pay’s enhancements to its digital wallet, Huawei’s updated Petal Maps, AutoTrader 360Spin, and Opera for Chromebook.

Sportsfan Signature Moves Springbok player trading cards

Sportsfan has partnered with the South African Rugby Union (SARU) and MyPlayers (The Rugby Players’ Organisation) to offer fans digital Signature Moves Springbok player trading cards, autographed digitally by the players.

The Signature Moves Springbok digital player trading cards will be available via the SportsFan app, and the partnership with SARU and MyPlayers means that enthusiasts can get officially licensed and autographed collectable cards of their Springbok heroes.

Greig Ellerbeck, operations lead at SportsFan, says that there will be two sets available at launch. “One set represents the current Springbok team and there will be a special Legends set celebrating the 2009 squad.”

Those who download the app and register will get a starter pack which consists of five free player cards to kick-off their collections (they can then buy additional cards using the Fan Currency). The launch of the SportsFan app will allow them to collect cards of players and get them autographed. Once signed they can trade cards with other collectors.

How it works:

  • Download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Create your profile
  • Check out your free starter pack in your gallery
  • Buy additional cards from the Card Shop using the SportsFan in-app currency
  • Submit a request to get them autographed
  • Get player stats updated live
  • Trade signed cards on the SportsFan in-app trading platform

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download with in-app purchases for Fan Coins

Stockists: Visit the Sports Fan website here for downloading instructions.

Huawei’s updated Petal Maps

Huawei has updated its Petal Maps app to include features such as dark mode, navigation display over other apps, third-party hotel booking, and destination reviews. This is in addition to existing offerings like a heads-up display and real-time road condition updates.

To help users navigate and explore more easily, the updated Petal Maps incorporates add-ons from global partners, and now includes features such as advanced navigation and user-generated co-created maps.

New features at a glance:

Advanced Navigation: Petal Maps offers air gestures and HUD (heads-up display) mode, and the enhanced version now introduces navigation display over other apps. This keeps the ongoing navigation visible to the user, even when switching apps or taking calls, by appearing in a floating window.

Co-created Maps: Petal Maps also supports a location-specific comments feature, through which users can use text, images, and ratings to leave a comment on a particular location. 

Saved Places: Petal Maps includes a saved places feature, which enables users to save places, group them, and use them as travel destinations for upcoming trips.

Platform: Huawei and Android

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit the Petal Maps website here for downloading instructions

AutoTrader 360Spin

AutoTrader South Africa has launched AutoTrader 360Spin, a feature that offers a virtual 360° view of a vehicle. 

The app allows one to inspect the exterior of a car, and in some cases the interior too. This gives a good representation of the vehicle’s physical condition inside and out.

Developed in partnership with InstaVid360, AutoTrader 360Spin came about due to global trends. A US automotive consumer study shows that interactive content is 33% more effective at educating buyers than static content, and reports that 64% of buyers want extensive vehicle photos and data, along with effective search tools. 

AutoTrader 360Spin is currently accessible on the passenger car channel only, with thousands of vehicles already on show. The functionality is available for free.

Platform: Most devices with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect to pay:  360Spin can be accessed for free on all platforms including desktops, mobiles and AutoTrader’s two free mobile apps for Apple and Android.

Stockists: Visit the AutoTrader website here for more information.

Opera for Chromebook

Opera has announced that its browser has become one of the first Internet browsers to be optimised for Chromebooks.

According to the company,  the features that make it well suited for the ChromeOS include:

  • Built-in messengers
  • A free unlimited built-in VPN
  • Ad and tracker blocking
  • Protection from cookie dialogs
  • A built-in crypto wallet

The browser also makes surfing the web on Chromebooks more colourful, with a set of five colour themes available in both light and dark modes. Late-night workers will also benefit from its blue light glare reduction to limit disruption of sleep patterns.

Opera for Chromebook can be synchronised with other Opera browsers, both on desktop computers as well as on Android or iOS phones. Users sync their devices using the Flow feature by scanning a QR code. This creates an end-to-end encrypted workflow for taking notes, storing images and small files, as well as the ability to save links for later reference.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Download the latest Opera Internet browser designed for your device here.

Telkom Pay’s enhancements to its digital wallet

Since its launch in December 2020, Telkom has signed up 10,000 subscribers to its digital wallet that operates on WhatsApp,  Telkom Pay.

Telkom’s digital wallet allows customers to make transactions through WhatsApp without the use of cash and the need for face-to-face interaction.

The company has since made enhancements to its offering. One is a Telkom Pay Virtual Card which subscribers can use like a debit or credit card. Telkom Pay now also features Telkom’s voice and data mobile deals platform, Mo’Nice.

Customers can also purchase gaming, gifting, streaming and transport vouchers from Lords Mobile, Roblox, Deezer, Showmax, Netflix, Netflorist and Makro.

Platform: Any device capable of running the latest WhatsApp version

Expect to pay: A free service but with transaction fees. 

Stockists: To use Telkom Pay one needs to message “Hi” to the digital wallet WhatsApp number which is 0684 83 5566. The services can also be accessed by dialling *120*2234# or by visiting

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