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‘Apex Legends’ Season 18 arrives today

Titled ‘Resurrection’, the new season introduces Revenant Reborn, bringing a new look and set of abilities to the character.

Apex Legends Season 18 is here, and it’s bringing a massive change to the game. Meet Revenant Reborn, a rework of the Season 4 Legend Revenant, with a new look and set of abilities for the character, making him a much more powerful and versatile Legend.

Apex Legends was first released in 2019, and it has quickly become one of the most popular battle royale games (team-based last-man-standing) in the world. Season 18 is the first season to feature a rework of an existing Legend, and it’s a sign that Respawn is committed to keeping the game fresh.

Revenant has always been a controversial character in Apex Legends. His abilities are powerful, but they can also be very frustrating to play against. With Revenant Reborn, Apex creator Respawn has addressed some of the complaints, while making the character more fun to play.

One of the biggest changes to Revenant Reborn is to his passive ability. He will keep his faster crouched walking speed, and his better wall climbing abilities, which are getting a slight buff. However, his passive ability will now alert him to low health enemies, and his entire team will be alerted if he is the one to set the enemy to low health – a much more powerful ability, which will make him a more formidable opponent.

Revenant’s tactical ability has also been changed. In the past, it allowed him to silence enemies with a grenade-like throwable. Revenant Reborn’s new tactical, Shadow Pounce, allows him to pounce through the air, similar to Vantage.

This also changes his ultimate ability. In the past, it allowed him to place a Death Totem, which would allow him, or any users of the totem, to be resurrected after they were knocked down. With Revenant Reborn, his ultimate ability has been changed to Forged Shadows. This ability gives him additional shields that naturally regenerate for the duration of his ultimate, and automatically regenerate if he knocks an enemy. This fear inducing ultimate is a great addition to his kit, and is sure to increase his pick rates for aggressive kill-hungry players.

Season 18 introduces a number of other changes and additions, including:

  • Mixtape game modes on Broken Moon.
  • Changes to the Ranked Mode scoring system.
  • A new Death Dynasty Collection event.
  • Charge Rifle rework, and other weapon buffs/nerfs.
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