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Artificial intelligence disruption will unlock human potential

In the third episode of a 5-part series on Tech Trends, Dell Technologies outlines how disruption caused by AI will unlock human potential.



Work from Anywhere Tech Talk Series

Episode 3: AI disruption will unlock human potential

Content sponsored by Intel and Dell Technologies

In the Dell Technologies Work from Anywhere Tech Talk Series, Dell thought leaders share insights into the latest tech trends shaping and being shaped by the world. In episode one and two of the series, viewers were introduced to the Intelligent Edge and the Intelligent PC.

In the third episode, Jonathan Ryall, client solutions field product manager at Dell Technologies South Africa and Tony Bartlett, director data centre compute at Dell Technologies South Africa discuss how “AI disruption will unlock human potential”.

Future AI capabilities will benefit humankind in ways not even imagined. However, what are the current capabilities of AI? Bartlett defines AI as a technology that allows machines to perform the tasks typically performed by humans that requires some sort of intelligence such as speech recognition, language translation and visual perception.

Bartlett describes how AI and big data can be used, hand in hand, to deliver data-driven insights. All of this culminates in faster pattern recognition, organisational insight, recognition of market opportunities and ultimately decision making.

Hear how AI disruption can unlock human potential by offloading thinking tasks to AI leading to faster, deeper and more meaningful insights. This will enable humankind to focus on greater innovation, purposeful work and ultimately more human connections. A case in point is the development of the multiple Covid-19 vaccinations in approximately nine months.

Ryall then takes viewers through a demonstration of how Dell Technologies is using AI within its own devices. Starting with predictive maintenance capabilities, Ryall also talks through Dell Optimiser productivity software available in latitude 5000, 7000 and 9000 PC’s which is a built-in AI tool that adapts to the way users work, to make work and play more seamless, intelligent and enjoyable.