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African game qualifies for the Nordic Game Discovery

A dice-based, deck-building game The Endless Wyrd is the first African game to qualify for the Nordic Game Discovery contest.



The Endless Wyrd, which is produced in South Africa, has won the first qualification round of the Nordic Game Discovery (NGDC) Season 5 contest. The contest took place during Africa Games Week in Cape Town in December 2020 and, having won the first round, the producers of the game qualified for the upcoming NGDC in Sweden.

The Endless Wyrd is a dice-based, deck-building adventure. Players will have to scavenge the Wyrd and escape the approaching Thing of the Dark. Players load the dice with augments to create their own synergies and combos to stack the odds in their favour. In the rabbit hole of the Wyrd, the only way back up, is down.

“To us, The Endless Wyrd is the quest for the stupidly overpowered and we can’t wait for players to uncover the ridiculously overpowered synergies and combinations that we have in store,” says Janke van Jaarsveld, CEO of Design Imps, “We are also very proud of the game’s South African roots, boasting the unique comic art style of Willem Samuel, who’s band, SkreeAlleen, incidentally also lent their talents to the soundtrack.”

“At Design Imps we are committed to the concept of ‘Together we can make it better’. It was the reason we implemented a modding system for Fhtagn! – Tales of the Creeping Madness and the reason we want to have Early Access. We believe that with the input of players we can make this game amazing,” says Janke.

The Endless Wyrd is scheduled for early access release in Q3 of 2021 and an early Alpha demo is currently available on Steam.