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New Predator packs serious graphics

The Predator Triton 500 gaming laptop presents impressively high frame rates on graphically intensive games. BRYAN TURNER reviewed it.

Cooling issues have plagued Acer’s gaming brand for many years. Especially with the previous Predator Triton 700, Acer packed desktop level graphics into a laptop but ended up with very loud fan noise. Thankfully, the latest Predator Triton 500 fixes this issue with intelligent cooling and better fan placement.

The latest Predator laptops in the Triton series, the 500 and 900, were unveiled at CES last month, and will shortly be available in South Africa. Gadget was supplied with an advance unit to review.

The Triton 500 is an all-metal laptop with sharp edges, coming in at 17.9mm thick and weighing 2.13kg. The design follows that of traditional gaming PCs, with a multi-colour backlit keyboard. Echoing the Apple logo on a MacBook, a backlit Predator badge shines on the back of the laptop lid in a neon light-blue. While the black metal body is not a unibody, the removable under panel allows for easier upgrades than other recently launched gaming computers.

We found that the body gets warm in all the right places. While there’s no stopping the heat with a gaming laptop, Acer has designed the Triton 500 to ensure that all the heat is above the keyboard. This means that Acer has packed all the processors and the relevant cooling into a tight space at the top of the keyboard, ensuring cool wrists when typing or gaming.

Click here to read about the graphics performance, the processor’s speed and the ergonomic experience of the computer.

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