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5G Rains on Cape Town



Rain has announced the launch of its 5G network in Cape Town, adding the Western Cape to a coverage map that until now only included Gauteng, 

Rain 5G offers unlimited internet from R699 per month. Two packages are available, both with unlimited data.  The standard package (at R699) caps speeds at 30Mbps and allows a single HD video stream. The premium package, at R999 per month, has no speed limit and offers multiple HD+ quality streams.  Rain says premium users can expect average speeds exceeding 200Mbps.

Both the standard and premium packages include a free-to-use 5G router.

Rain says its 5G routers are quick and easy to install, so clients will be able to stream shows right away.  

“Clients can order the 5G package on and have the router delivered for free straight to their door,” says Rain’s chief marketing officer, Khaya Dlanga.

Dlanga says that rain has built additional sites in Gauteng in recent months and that coverage continues to expand.  

“Rain hopes to blanket more metro areas though out South Africa in the next 18 months,” he said.

5G is regarded as a foundational component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Rain has positioned itself “to play its part in ensuring that South Africa benefits from this revolutionary technology”.

Says Dlanga: “5G can significantly increase ultra-broadband penetration in the country, which supports economic growth and will enable South Africans to remain productive by working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In future, this 5G ecosystem will be the underpinning of the development of smart cities, smart health care systems, remote working through VR technology, self-driving cars and many more aspects of the 4IR.”