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Zhiyun Weebill Lab – Shake-free videography

The prosumer market gets more stabilisers to choose from, thanks to Zhiyun’s Weebill Lab handheld stabiliser for mirrorless cameras.

Zhiyun Tech’s latest Weebill Lab stabiliser for mirrorless cameras is now available from Orms.  

Named after Australia’s smallest songbird, the Weebill Lab mimics its namesake by offering a light, compact and nimble stabiliser body that’s filled with features and offers high performance. The Lab designation identifies Zhiyun’s new top-of-the-line range that offers extensive control, monitoring and streaming to tablets and smartphones connected to the stabiliser. 

Zhiyun designed the Weebill Lab to deliver new controls that feel natural to filmmakers. The high-quality aluminium tripod can be folded to hold the Weebill Lab as a traditional vertically-held stabiliser, or it can be snapped on the horizontal part of the body to offer a more natural horizontal grip,  for underslung shots or a steady two-hand grip. 

The Weebill Lab comes with double quick-release plates (Manfrotto/Arca-Swiss) for fast equipment switching, without the need to re-balance. After installation, the tilted angle of the roll-axis ensures that the camera’s display is clearly viewable under most angles. The most distinguishing feature of the Weebill Lab is the ability of the aluminium tripod to act as an extended vertical grip for two-handed use, and most importantly, to be transformed into a horizontal grip for extra stabilisation and comfortable grip for low shots, and shots with a difficult angle. 

Each axis also features a simple latch, with a bright red aluminum tab, to snap an axis in place, while the frame also has a mounting for an external monitoring device. 

The handrest features the signature Lab series OLED screen, which displays vital information about the gimbal with both a control joystick and adjustment dial below it, as well as a switch for pan and follow/follow mode. The Zhiyun’s PhoneGo mode also debuts on the digital camera stabiliser, which allows for sporty performance and crazy transition effects.  

The Weebill Lab can operate for 10 hours on a single charge of its two batteries. It can also charge the camera installed on it. 

The stabiliser is available now from Orms online. 

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