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‘Wuthering Waves’ update 
thaws out

The 1.1 update features two new five-star characters, new weapons, map, quests, two new characters, and gameplay.

Wuthering Waves, an open-world action role-playing game, has received its first major post-launch update titled Thaw of Eons. Version 1.1 features two new five-star characters, new Mt. Firmament map, new main story missions, limited time events, and several quality-of-life game improvements.

The first new character is the graceful and kind-hearted Jinhsi. She bears her noble and weight share of duties as the magistrate of Jinzhou, holding the spark of light, illuminating people’s wishes. Despite challenges from fate’s oracle, she stands resolutely towards humanity’s future.

Counselor to the Jinzhou Magistrate and Jinhsi’s mentor is Changli, the second new character. She is a dangerously fiery 5-star Resonator, who excels at leveraging human nature to corner her enemies in strategically laid traps. She entertains an unwavering aspiration, holding her ground in the endless game against time and chaos.

The Thaw of Eons update continues the main storyline with the new main quest featured in Chapter 1 Act 7 where players will encounter Jué, a mysterious Sentinel of Huanglong, a guiding force behind Jinzhou’s civilization. 

The first new map area has also arrived: the snowy beauty of Mt. Firmament. A secluded island situated in the southeastern ocean of Jinzhou territory, Mt. Firmament serves as the ancestral homeland of Jinzhou inhabitants. Cloaked in mist, it obscures its connection to the secular world and legend has it that the Sentinel “Jué” descended here.

Hongzhen is a new town that has been added. It is a self-sufficient town isolated from the outside world. Sleek elegant buildings scatter the streets with red leaves and white snow adding to its soft-spoken beauty.

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play, cross-platform, open-world action RPG that emphasises dynamic movement and freedom of exploration on a mysterious, post-cataclysmic, sci-fi planet. Engage in fast-paced PVE combat that focuses on special dodge, parry, and counter mechanics. 

It is available for download on the App StoreGoogle Play, and PC via The Epic Games Store.

* Visit the website here.

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