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World’s first adaptive-focus sunglasses launched

New smartglasses from adaptive lens pioneer DeepOptics enables a number of different prescriptions with a single pair of glasses.

DeepOptics, inventor and pioneer of a novel adaptive lens technology, has launched the first adaptive focus sunglasses, the 32°N, on Kickstarter. It enables a number of different prescriptions with a single pair of glasses.

The 32°N smartglasses can dynamically correct for reading while serving as functional sunglasses. The glasses mimic natural human vision, allowing users to seamlessly switch between “reading mode” for near vision and “scenic mode” for far distances. It addresses the needs of people experiencing presbyopia, an age-related reduction in near vision, instead of having to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses and without the difficult compromises of progressive lenses and bifocals. 

Investors in DeepOptics include some of the best-known players in the eyewear and technology spaces, such as Essilor and Samsung Ventures.

There are 1.8 billion people worldwide with presbyopia, which refers to the inability to focus on close objects. The eye condition typically occurs in people over the age of 45, and gets progressively worse. Presbyopia cannot be reversed, but is commonly corrected with multiple pairs of glasses, especially when outside. Alternative approaches to solving Presbyopia include progressive lenses (multifocal) and bifocals that each have their own limitations. As many consumers can attest, switching between sunglasses and reading glasses can become tiresome, considering the average person looks at their phone as much as 58 times every day. This is where the 32°N comes in.

“We are on a mission to improve human vision through dynamic optics,” says Yariv Haddad, the CEO and co-founder of DeepOptics. “Presbyopia is a problem that affects a great many people, for much of the time. The 32°N is the first product of several on our roadmap. It was developed to provide a seamless technological solution to a problem facing many users. We believe the fastest way to get our tech into the hands of consumers who can benefit from it was crowdfunding on Kickstarter.”

The 32°N sunglasses feature pixelated liquid crystal (LC) layers that are split into tiny pixels, capable of rotation at every point of the panel. When the user swipes, they activate the tiny processor embedded in the glasses’ temple. The processor calculates the user’s personal data and sends that data to form the desired lens prescription. Millions of tiny pixels inside the lens change their electrical state according to the new data to form the lens and bring the close object into focus. Completely silent, and without any extra weight or moving parts, DeepOptics’ LC lens enables an unlimited number of dynamic, high-quality lenses that can be changed at any moment.

Similar to mobile phones or Bluetooth earbuds, each full charge of the 32°N lasts for a full day. Unlike competing solutions, it doesn’t require any adaptation period.

“Essilor has been proud to partner with Deep Optics for several years in developing smart eyewear solutions that adapt to the user’s environment and needs,” says Denis Cohen-Tannoudji, senior vice president of Smart Vision Solutions at Essilor. “We are pleased with the company’s rollout of the 32°N and happy to support this project with our engineering and design know-how.”

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