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What is Samsung’s Nightography?

Until recently, many smartphone users believed the cameras on their handsets only took great photos during the day. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series’ Nightography feature changes the picture

Taking great pictures shouldn’t just be an event for bright daylight.  However, until recently the picture quality or camera technology on most smartphones did not allow for crystal clear images and videos at night. Or, so many users thought.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 range is changing the night photography experience with a new feature it calls Nightography. For example. it has introduced a 23% larger sensor than on the S21 and S21+, along with Adaptive Pixel technology, which means the camera is designed to let in more light, draw out details, and capture colours that make content pop in the dark. 

Both the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are built with a powerful 50MP main camera, 10MP telelens, and 12MP ultra-wide lens, so users can get the right shot for the right moment. When capturing videos with multiple people in the frame, the new Auto Framing feature detects and tracks up to 10 people and automatically adjusts the camera’s focus, so the camera captures everyone. Both devices are powered by advanced VDIS technology which minimises vibrations, so users get smooth, sharp footage, even when they’re moving while filming.

The S22 Ultra makes its debut to ramp up these Nightography features. The S22 Ultra is built with a 2.4um pixel sensor – Samsung’s largest pixel sensor yet – enabling its camera lenses to capture more light and data, optimising the lighting and detail of video clips. Its advanced Super Clear Glass lens helps users take smoother and clearer night-time videos without flares. 

This device is the zoom champion, with zooming capabilities that will get one 100x closer to the action. It’s packed with new AI-supported features like Portrait mode. The handset does the heavy lifting, so users can capture images and video in almost any lighting.

Missing a DSLR because of the RAW format? The entire S22 device range offers access to the Expert RAW app, which features a comprehensive suite of in-camera editing tools that deliver a DSLR-like experience. With the ability to save photos in RAW format up to 16bit, users can take more control over their edits with more of their image data. And, just like with a DSLR camera, users can brighten or darken photos with ISO settings and shutter speed, adjust the white balance to make the photo more warm or cool, and manually focus on a desired subject to get images looking the way they should.

The vivid screen complements the pictures once they are taken. With up to a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, the device brings photos to life in stunning detail, and is brighter with an industry-leading peak brightness of 1,750nits. Vision Booster technology enables Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen to intelligently adjust brightness throughout the day, making sure users get the best possible view of their content, even in bright sunlight.

Not convinced yet? Visit a nearby Samsung Store to test out the Galaxy S22 range. 

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