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What happens in a 2020 Internet minute?

A lot can happen in a minute, they say. An Internet minute in 2020 redefines that saying, new data from Visual Capitalist and Statista reveals



Graphic courtesy Statista

An internet minute in 2020 is a roller-coaster of cash, collaboration and Covid-19-inspired socialisation and entertainment.

“As COVID-19 impacted our lives in a never expected way, many aspects of life – work, education, economy, entertainment, to only cite a few – moved online,” writes Claire Jenik of Statista, in the analytics aggregation company’s summary of data compiled by Visual Capitalist.

“A single internet minute holds more than 400,000 hours of video streamed on Netflix, 500 hours of video uploaded by users on Youtube and nearly 42 million messages shared via WhatsApp. That same internet minute also contains more than 6,500 packages shipped by Amazon as well as an incredible 208,333 participants in Zoom meetings.”

Visual Capitalist summed up some of the most fascinating data points across three categories:

  • Cash Transfers: “Nearly $240,000 worth of transactions occur on Venmo per minute. This has served as a catalyst for parent company PayPal, which evolved along successfully with fintech trends. PayPal’s stock now trades at near all-time highs.”
  • E-Commerce: “Even before COVID-19 resulted in shuttered storefronts and surging online orders, e-commerce was a booming industry. It’s now estimated that $1 million is now spent per minute online. Amazon ships an astounding 6,659 packages every minute to keep up with this demand.”
  • Collaboration Tools: “In a predominantly remote-working environment, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams host 208,333 and 52,083 users each minute respectively.”