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Tropico 6 – Free on Steam this weekend

The great nation of Tropico can now be controlled for free this weekend to celebrate the release of Lobbyistico, its third DLC.

The full Tropico 6 game is free to try this weekend for all Steam users. The game has been praised by critics as the greatest, most attractive dictator simulator of all time. Now, everyone can share in its glory for this weekend, with an option to purchase the game when the weekend ends.

Additionally, Lobbyistico, Tropico 6’s third DLC, has been released. Lobbyistico DLC offers new access to big league politics, more so than any other video game. The European Union has arrived on the isles of Tropico and with it, new buildings such as the El Presidente Club – a brilliant place to meet with the best leaders and lobbyists to discuss tremendous and well thought out political ideas. Another new addition is the Corruption Agency, a terrific and reputable outfit whose services can be employed to fight the spread of corruption – or at least sweep it under the rug. 

Tropico 6’s Lobbyistico DLC is available now at the Kalypso Store and on Steam, with PS4 and Xbox One versions to arrive later.  

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