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Wheels of the Week: T-Rex with a taste for leather interiors

The GWM Tank 300 is a car that is part rugged off-roader and part surprisingly luxurious cruiser, writes SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

This Tank is a monster. Ground clearance that could swallow a pig whole, a ladder-frame chassis for tackling tough terrain, and even locking differentials to get you out of any sticky situation (metaphorical pigs not included). Throw in different drive modes for sand, mud, or rocks, and you have got an SUV that laughs in the face of a dirt path.

On the road, the Tank surprised me. The ride was smooth and powerful. Hitting 120km felt like a light breeze with almost no engine sounds. The indicator could be annoying at times, especially when changing lanes, when it refused to switch off. The interior felt plush, with comfy seats and a whole lot of leather.

It has twin digital displays (dual 12.3-inch high-definition LCD screens) that look like they came straight out of a spaceship, and an infotainment system which is easy to use. If you find yourself lost in the dessert, a river bed or on the highway, connecting with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will easily come to the rescue, provided you have network signal.  

The 360 degree panoramic camera view of the Tank, with front and rear cameras, make for easy take-off and landing.  When reverse parking, you may want to consider how large the boot door is. Safety features are a priority in this Tank, with just about every typical car safety assistance being standard in all three models.

Seating passengers, including a T-Rex (or maybe not) is comfortable, with good legroom for even the taller offspring. Cargo space is sufficient for those camping weekends. Let us not forget the sunroof – a must-have for any adventurer who wants to soak up the views.

The Tank is not exactly a nimble mountain goat. It is a big, hefty SUV, and you will feel that in the corners. I felt safe climbing the rocks in this T-Rex.

The Tank 300 is a unique blend of brawn and comfort. It is a head-turning SUV that is ready to conquer any terrain, as long as you do not mind the occasional reminder to stay between the lines.

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