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Google unveils Translation Hub

The Hub is a new enterprise-scale translation AI Agent for self-service document translation.

Google has unveiled the Translation Hub, a new enterprise-scale translation AI Agent for self-service document translation. It allows organisations, in a cost-effective manner, to localise content in more than 135 languages. These include Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo and Afrikaans.

The announcement was made this week during the Google Cloud event, Next ’22.

“This year’s event takes place at an ending point in the cloud industry,” said Niral Patel, director of Google Cloud Africa. “Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming everything around us, and open, connected ecosystems are essential to everything we do.  Cloud innovations help businesses embrace openness and interoperability.”

At Next ’22, Google Cloud announced hundreds of new innovations and partnerships across its portfolio, which includes a data cloud so organisations can understand their data and automate core processes; an open infrastructure to help modernise legacy information systems and build new applications that are reliable and scalable; a trusted cloud to protect users, applications, and data from growing cyber threats; and a collaboration cloud to enable modern, secure communication and collaboration.

June Yang, vice president of cloud, AI and industry solutions, said in the Google Cloud corporate blog on Tuesday: “At I/O this year, we announced the addition of 24 new languages to Google Translate to allow consumers in more locations, especially those whose languages aren’t represented in most technology, to help reduce communication barriers through the power of translation. Businesses strive for the same goals, but unfortunately it is often out of reach due to the high costs that come with scaling translation.:

“That’s why today, we are announcing Translation Hub, our AI Agent that provides customers with self-service document translation.”

“With Translation Hub, now researchers are able to share their findings instantly across the world, goods and services providers can reach underserved markets, and public sector administrators can reach more members of their communities in a language they understand — all of which ultimately help make for a more connected, inclusive world.”

Translation Hub brings together Google Cloud AI technology, like Neural Machine Translation and AutoML, to help ingest and translate content from the most common enterprise document types, including Google Docs and Slides, PDFs, and Microsoft Word. It preserves layouts and formatting, and provides granular management controls, such as support for post-editing human-in-the-loop feedback and document review.

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