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Mobility has created a number of additional challenges for information security, as companies now have to protect their data from hundreds of different devices or endpoints. However, there is a solution that allows companies to manage and monitor all endpoints.

Mobility has created a number of challenges for information security, most originating from the reality that sensitive information is accessible from just about anywhere on any number of devices. The traditional castle and moat model, where company data was housed on immovable machinery and ring-fenced by a secure perimeter, has disintegrated. Every endpoint that has access to the corporate network needs to be secured in some way.

‚”Every endpoint, whether a laptop, tablet or smartphone, needs to assume responsibility for its own security,‚” says Sean Duffy, General Manager: Security Solutions at Dimension Data South Africa. ‚”In the corporate environment, this can translate into hundreds, or even thousands, of devices, which makes the effective management of endpoint security an important component to any organisation’s information security policy.‚”

While information security is becoming increasingly critical for many organisations, the acquisition and maintenance of these skills is rarely a core competency. Dimension Data Security Solutions has been expanding its Managed Security Infrastructure Service (MSIS) to include an offering dedicated to the hardening, managing and monitoring of endpoints.

Known simply as Managed Services for Endpoint Security, the service has emerged in reply to the market’s demand for a specialised service, which is able to prevent and combat security threats from mobile and other devices on a network. Security as a managed service is an attractive option for many organisations.

‚”Cyber threats are evolving at such a rapid rate and the repercussions to the business in the event of an information security breach are greater than ever before,‚” says Duffy. ‚”While security is definitely climbing the priority list for many businesses, maintaining the level of technology and diversity of skills needed to effectively combat cyber threats can be expensive and time consuming.‚”

Clients are now able to maximise Dimension Data’s global security expertise as a subscription-based service, providing a convenient, professional and affordable means to manage any environment.


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