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Navigation moves indoors

mapIT has partnered with Micello to bring indoor mapping data to the South African market.

‚”mapIT data has enabled developers to create applications that guide users to buildings and now they have the ability to direct them further to specific locations within these buildings,‚” said Etienne Louw, Managing Director.

With over 70 indoor venues already mapped, developers have the capability to offer a complete navigational experience to their users.

mapIT allows companies to develop their client database without handing over sensitive information to a third party. This helps to retain customer information as other free mapping data services may direct users to a ‚”better‚” deal or to the highest bidder – depending on which company advertises the most with that free data service.

Companies such as Mallinfo, a service provider to shopping centres, are developing applications that direct shoppers to the products and services within the shopping establishment. ‚”We offer our users a holistic experience of a global standard when using our apps,‚” said Pieter Geldenhuys, the Co-founder of Mallinfo. Geldenhuys went on to describe that South Africa is at the forefront of this mall application technology as Singapore are also known to be launching similar apps of this magnitude. Mallinfo apps include services such as: special offers or promotions within the shopping centre: suggested gift ideas for special occasions: and it also allow users to develop wish lists and gift registries by scanning product codes into a list that can be e-mailed to family and friends. Shopping centres can then use this information to determine what the most popular products in their centres are. ‚”Our apps will even help customers find their cars at the end of their shopping trip,‚” added Geldenhuys.

Louw explains that this Indoor Mapping component can be plugged into other elements such as Drive Time Analysis (DTA). DTA can determine the amount of time spent or how far customers are willing to drive to products within a certain catchment area.

Waytag, who has developed a global addressing system, are also utilising mapIT to bring their service indoors. Users can share their locations with their friends, enabling them to meet up for a cup of coffee, a movie or even a blind date.

For further information on mapIT’s suite of solutions, please visit


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