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Telviva Talk targets PBX for all

Bundled package brings enterprise-level unified communications and collaboration functionality to all businesses.

Telviva has announced the release of Telviva Talk, a bundled package that operates off the Telviva One interface and smartphones to bringing enterprise-level unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) to all businesses.

Since the pandemic, businesses of all sizes have appreciated the need for accessibility, agility and scalability of toolsets that enable team collaboration and the ability to work from anywhere, says Telviva Chief Commercial Officer Rob Lith.

“Ordinarily, full featured PBXs, many of which are now at the end of their life, were the preserve of large enterprises, but the cloud has changed this,” says Lith. “This product runs off the Telviva One interface, meaning that users get the full features of a cloud-based PBX platform as well as the functionality of IP Phones at a fraction of the cost. In other words, it’s time for businesses of all sizes to experience enterprise-level PBX and UC&C functionality.”

Rob Lith, Telviva Chief Commercial Officer

Lith explains that while the highly competitive cost of R495 a month for five licenses and 100 minutes for each licence holder matters, it is the predictability from a budgeting perspective that is more attractive to many businesses. “We designed this product as an equaliser, to bring the power of UC&C to more businesses and so users are not limited in any way – they have the option to extend the service by purchasing more in-bundle or continuing with out-of-bundle minutes as and when they need. Viewed through this lens, the cloud has democratised access to functionality that was previously out of reach,” explains Lith.

“A product such as this removes the need for big, clunky integrations and hardware requirements meaning the platform is almost instantly activated,” he says, adding that much of the UC&C trend locally and abroad is driven by the need for mobility, ease of use, enhanced productivity and, of course, better team collaboration such as voice to video and link sharing functionality.

“As you can imagine, this has a marked impact on customer service too,” “because by linking the platform to a CRM, a business user can see the full context of a caller and offer a more personalised experience.”

Lith says that while Telviva is seeing growth in voice, the trend for the rest of the world is a decrease in voice in favour of other mediums, which is why Telviva has stayed ahead of the curve and availed its full PBX functionality and the complete UC&C feature set.

“Essentially, we aim to help businesses on their digital transformation journeys by giving them the ability to use voice or chat when they want to, but also video for team collaboration or internal calls, and team chats within the platform to keep business IP in a centralised place,” says Lith.

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