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Telviva discounts cloud PABX for working remotely

The global trend towards increased remote work has been accelerated and, as South Africa heads into a lockdown, companies across industry sectors are scrambling to establish a remote working environment.

“While the economic impact of the next several weeks will be felt for years to come, companies are trying to lessen the exposure to the business bottom-line while remaining cognisant of the human element and the need to remain operational,” says David Meintjes, CEO of Telviva. “Unfortunately, many organisations are reliant on a telecommunication service that limits employees to the office. This means these businesses are unable to redirect inbound customer calls to mobile devices, thereby significantly impacting on service delivery.”

To this end, the full functionality of the Telviva Cloud PBX solution has been made available on a month-to-month basis at a 16% discounted rate. it can be used through either a Telviva One Web client or a Telviva Mobile smartphone app. This effectively enables employees to work remotely while still being connected to the existing office PBX exchange.

The Telviva Cloud PBX offering can be installed on top of these existing environments, as an overlay, with Telvia Rapid PBX, which all users can reach over the internet. The on-premise PBX hands over control to the cloud-based Telviva solution by means of a call forward. This forwarding can be applied to either all or selected extensions in the business.

“Our solution enables a company to easily transform their PBX into one with features that come from the high-end capabilities delivered through the cloud,” says Meintjies. “Deployment of Telviva Rapid PBX can be done quickly as there are no physical handsets or access links to be provided. Everything revolves around the Web client and smartphone app.

“As can be expected, there has been significant growth in uptake of these solutions as companies start activating their work from home strategies. The voice quality using Telviva One and Telviva Mobile is akin to a WhatsApp call and has received high ratings from our customers.” 
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