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Telkom up-ends mobile data

Telkom has announced an overhaul of its mobile product offering with the launch of its FreeMe service which is designed to get rid of confusing contracts, endless T&C and pricey extras.

Telkom says FreeMe flies in the face of years of mobile industry tradition, where customers had to navigate confusing contracts, seemingly endless Ts&Cs, high peak rates and pricey extras, by prioritising simplicity, ease of use and value.

“Telkom FreeMe offers our customers smartphone plans that liberate them from everything they’ve ever hated about their network,” said Telkom Consumer CEO, Attila Vitai. “Data has become the central requirement for most smartphone users, so that is what we have prioritised”, he said.

The Six Plans

Beginning 25 July, customers will choose the amount of data they want from a simple plan, available in six data sizes. By choosing one of the new Telkom FreeMe plans, customers will have access to Telkom’s fast network with no hidden costs and no confusing contracts.

“We have listened to our customers and we know that they are data hungry – so that is what we are giving them: six simple plans in six data sizes,” he explains.

“In addition, we are driving a value revolution with free texts, free high quality IM calls, free calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom Fixed Line numbers and free Wi-Fi across all six plans, and on our two top end products, free calls to any network as well.”

“We have reviewed our spectrum capacity to allocate it more efficiently to achieve greater coverage and deliver faster data speeds and ultimately drive Over The Top services.

This has allowed us to bypass the interconnection fees charged by other networks to offer our customers true value innovation. With zero rated calls over WhatsApp, Viber and BlackBerry BBM – our customers now have access to over 1 billion call options worldwide and over 6000 WiFi hotspots absolutely free.”

Online ordering

Soon Telkom customers will also be able to complete their FreeMe orders online in just fifteen minutes with next day delivery in metropolitan areas and within two to three days in other areas. “Everything will be easier and more affordable in ways that weren’t possible before,” Vitai said.

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