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Students with Apple Music get TV+ free

Those who are subscribed to a discounted student subscription for Apple Music can open the Apple TV app for a free surprise.

In an announcement by TV+ star Hailee Steinfeld, Apple revealed that it will be offering its first service bundle for students. Students pay R29 per month for Apple Music in South Africa, and will automatically be subscribed to Apple TV+ for the duration of their student subscription.

Steinfeld stars in Dickinson, an Apple TV+ Original about Emily Dickinson. She announced the bundle in a post on her Instagram page on Wednesday. The details and countries where it applies are still vague and we will update the story as soon as we know more.

The student subscription only applies to a single person, so Family Sharing will not be possible. It also only applies to certain universities or colleges that are listed in the UNiDAYS database. To find out if your university college is eligible, visit UNiDAYS website.

The same discount for free TV+ doesn’t apply to regular or family subscribers. Apple TV+ will cost the same $5 (~R85) per month whether it’s a single subscription or Family Shared to up to 5 other members. For Apple Music, however, the subscriptions remain R60 per month for a single subscription and R90 per month for the family subscription.

We have reported on how some users can get the service for free, which applies to both single subscriptions and family sharing.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has sold an estimated 55-60 million eligible devices debut of Apple TV+, so there are a lot of potential customers who could get the service for free for a year. It’s a smart strategy, considering the library is small for now and may grow much larger in a year’s time when it’s time for renewal.

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