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Spotify brings Discover to SA

Spotify has now launched its famous personalised playlist Discover Weekly in South Africa

Unique to Spotify, Discover Weekly, which is updated every Monday morning,  automatically creates custom-made playlist tailored specifically for you. Discover Weekly has helped millions of music fans fall in love with new artists and find new favourite songs. With over 35 million tracks and over 2 billion playlists available on Spotify there is something for everyone.

How Discover Weekly works: Listen to the music you love on Spotify. Spotify will create a playlist of new music and artists based on your listening habits: the playlists you have created, the tracks you’ve skipped or loved and how frequently you listen to a specific track or artist. This new personalised playlist will be served fresh to you each Monday.

Your Discover Weekly playlist is made even better the more you create your own playlists – to get you started here’s some simple tips on creating a playlist:

  1. Click New Playlist in the menu on the left.
  2. Give your playlist a name (description and cover image optional) and click Create.
  3. Add a track
  4. Right-click a track and select Add to Playlist.
  5. Select a playlist.
  • Note: You can also drag and drop the track to a playlist.
  • Find awesome playlist recommendations for any occasion with Genres & Moods, located under Browse.
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