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Smash hits the Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. delivers what the fans wanted in the latest “Ultimate” instalment, writes BRYAN TURNER.



It’s a “miracle” that the Ultimate edition was even released at all, according to game designer Masahiro Sakurai.

“You may not sense that, but it is actually a miracle every time we’re able to create a Smash Bros. game,” said Sakurai in an interview with Game Informer, “It’s a bit different from any other game series that regularly comes out with new instalments. Unless we get approval from all of the IP holders who are involved in this game, we can’t make this game. And every time, we are walking a fine line.”

He also told the magazine Famitsu that he enjoys playing the game: “I’ve been playing Smash Bros. on-and-off too. Of course, I was able to fiddle around with it here and there during development, and I still play it with the rest of the staff during our lunch breaks. That being said, I’m still able to enjoy it as it is on my own Switch back at home.”

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