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Secrets to unlocking TikTok



So you’ve downloaded the TikTok app and have watched hundreds of videos showcasing popular music, travel ideas and funny cat moments on your “For You” feed. Now you’re thinking, how can I create videos too? Don’t feel intimidated. The app is super easy to use and allows anyone, as well as inspires everyone,  to be a content creator. 

With a variety of features, the app allows users to create their own mobile short-form videos that have the power to entertain the world. Go ahead and showcase your skills in music and acting, or post a few cool videos about your next weekend adventure. It’s creative, it’s fun, easy to use and jam-packed with entertaining local content.

Ready? Here are a few simple steps to create and curate your own TikTok channel.

1. Tap the “+” button at the bottom

Then, either hold the red button to shoot a video or choose a video from your phone’s gallery to upload.

2. Shoot

There are quite a few controls included in the TikTok video app, but don’t let that intimidate you. It’s really easy to get the hang of it once you know what the app can do:

●      Hold down the red button to shoot a video. When you lift your finger, your video will pause. By starting, pausing and restarting, you can shoot and combine multiple videos.

●      ‘Flip’ is the button you need to change from rear camera to front camera, perfect for the ultimate music video. 

●      Speed – tap this button to select your speed option.

●      ‘Filters’ hands you a library of cool filters to add special effects and stylish colours.

●      ‘Beauty’ will help you remove shadows and add on a layer of sophistication to your video.

●      ‘Timer’ will help you to better prepare – shooting will start after a three-second count-down.

Don’t forget to use the ‘Effects’ button while filming which gives you even more creative power and control over the visual effects in your video.

Want to add a sound to your video clip? Two ways:

Option 1: Tap the “Add a Sound” button at the top, which introduces you to the extensive TikTok library where you will find a ton of songs, playlists and sounds.

Option 2: If you want to use the same sound with a video on “For You” page, you can tap the ‘Music Circle Icon’ button at the bottom right corner, then tap the ‘Shoot’ button so that you can use the same sound with this user.

3. Edit

You may not get a perfect video on your first try, but that’s okay as you can go back and record again. You can cut sound, change the volume, pick a new sound or even change a filter on this page.

More about effects: Select filter effects or time effects and add them to any frame of your video. Some of the most popular 2019 South African effects have been the ‘SA face paint’ sticker, the ‘Cloned’ sticker and ‘Ugly Face’ sticker. 

4. Upload

Once you’re done editing, tap the ‘Next’ button to go through to the final stage of the process. Here you name your video, give it a description and add in hashtags. Keep an eye out for trending hashtag challenges – this is a great way to be part of viral content on the platform.

Safety first: Before you upload the video, make sure that you set your privacy settings according to your preferences. There are various options that allow you to restrict who can see and engage with your content. These features will help you stay safe on the platform.

Finally: You get to choose between a ‘Draft’ – put your video on hold for a bit until you’re ready – or a ‘Post’. Hit the last one if you want to post your video online and let the world (or just your local community) enjoy the experience with you!


For added information, visit “How to TikTok” on the app for a video guide:

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GoFundMe hits R9bn in donations for people and causes

The world’s largest social fundraising platform has announced that Its community has made more than 120-million donations



GoFundMe this week released its annual Year in Giving report, revealing that its community has donated more than 120-million times, raising over $9-billion for people, causes, and organisations since the company’s founding in 2010.

In a letter to the GoFundMe community, CEO Rob Solomon emphasised how GoFundMe witnesses not only the good in people worldwide, but their generosity and their action every day.

“As we enter a new decade, GoFundMe is committed to spreading compassion and empathy through our platform,” said Solomon in the letter. “Together, we can bring more good into the world and unlock the power of global giving.”

The GoFundMe giving community continues to grow with both repeat donors and new donors. In fact, nearly 60% of donors were new this year. After someone makes a donation, they continue to engage with the community and give to multiple causes. In fact, one passionate individual donated 293 times to 234 different fundraisers in this past year alone. Donations are made every second, ranging from $5 to $50,000. This year, more than 40% of donations were under $50.

GoFundMe continues to be a mirror of current events across the globe. This year, young changemakers started the Fridays for Futuremovement to fight climate change, which led to a 60% increase in fundraiser descriptions mentioning ‘climate change’. Additionally, the community rallied together to support one another during natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian and the California wildfires, where thousands of fundraisers were started to help those in need.

The report includes a snapshot of giving trends from the year based on global GoFundMe data. It also includes company milestones from 2019, such as launching the company’s non-profit and advocacy arm,, and introducing GoFundMe Charity, which provides enterprise software with no subscription fees or contracts to charities of every size.

Highlights from GoFundMe’s 2019 Year in Giving report include:

  • Global giving trends and data
  • Top 10 most generous countries
  • Top 10 most generous U.S. states and cities
  • Biggest moments in 2019

To view the entire report, visit:

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For users, in-car touchscreens ever more useless



As touchscreens become more commonplace, the gulf of perceived differences in the performance of these features between cars and other devices (such as mobile and in-home) has become wider. A new report from the In-Vehicle UX (IVX) group at Strategy Analytics has investigated car owners’ satisfaction with their on-board touchscreens. Long hamstrung by poor UX and extended production cycles, in-car touchscreens are seen by car users and buyers as lagging behind the experience offered by touchscreens outside the car. As such, consumer satisfaction has continued to slide in China and Europe, while reaching historic lows in the US.

Surveying consumers in the US, Western Europe, and China via web-survey, key report findings include:

  • Difficult text entry and excessive fingerprint smudging are common complaints among all car owners.
  • Because touchscreens have reached market saturation in the US, satisfaction with in-car screens has tailed off significantly.
  • However, touchscreens remain a relatively newer phenomenon in many car models in Western Europe (compared with the US) and thus their limitations are less prominent in the minds of car owners.
  • Overall touchscreen satisfaction fell for the fifth straight year in China, indicating a growing impatience for in-car UX to match UX found elsewhere in the consumer electronics space.

Derek Viita, Senior Analyst and report author, says, “Part of the issue with fingerprint smudging is the angle at which in-car touchscreens are installed – they make every fingerprint increasingly visible.

“Fingerprint smudging is an issue across all touchscreen-based consumer electronics. But in most form factors and especially mobile devices, consumers can quite easily adjust their viewing angle. This is not always the case with fixed in-car screens.”

Says Chris Schreiner, Director, Syndicated Research UXIP, “Although hardware quality certainly figures in many of the usual complaints car owners have about their screens, it is not the sole factor. Cockpit layout and UI design can play important roles in mitigating some issues with in-car touchscreens.”

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