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SA’s Gears of War champs

This weekend played host to the very last matches in Xbox South Africa’s Gears of War: Judgment tournament, crowning champions in both the lone wolf and clan categories. GEOFFREY TIM saw South Africa’s top players in action.

After a gruelling bit of gunplay, it was Bull3tsaint, FLS Legacy, Ryperior, BULL3TST0RMZA, Gaaty, FLS Sovereign, Supanov4 ZA, FLS Destroyer and Shadow Vaatjie who took their shotguns to the stage on Haven in the final playoffs with Shadow Vaatjie reigning supreme. For his display of skills, he walks away with a 40‚” LED 3D Samsung Smart TV, Samsung 3D Smart Sound Bar, and a year-long subscriptions to both NAG and PCFormat/G3AR.

The match was not without controversy though: FLS Destroyer was booted from the game and was unable to re-join, leaving him out of the playoff. Would the match have seen a different result if he was able to play? Should Microsoft have issued a rematch? Probably but the results stand.

Here’s the match in full, you can decide for yourself if it might have played differently.

Notice that three members of FLS were in the Free-for-all finals? That’s not by accident, they’re a talented bunch of Gearsheads, who managed to snatch victory from CMR Flashback by winning all three of the final games. Each of them walks away with the same nifty entertainment bundles.

Congratulations, once again, to Shadow Vaaitjie and Team FLS. Your skills with shotguns are the stuff of legends.

Here’s a pretty cool behind the scenes of the tournament, showing the necessary setup. Look hard, and you might even see our own regal, fluffy wookiee Garth, who helped provide the shoutcasting for the tournament.

* Article courtesy of Follow Geoffrey Tim on Twitter on @WobblyOnion

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