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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 offer ‘flippin’ amazing cameras

No less than eight lenses across these two devices highlight their photographic prowess.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 smartphones are defined by a flexibility and versatility that cuts across all the phones’ features. The latest Z series foldables were engineered with the aim of making everyday life better for their users, by offering them a marvel in innovation and mobile technology.

Did the designers succeed? Well, consider this: the two phones sport a combined total of eight powerhouse cameras, with the Galaxy Z Fold4 making do with no less than five camera sensors. These include a 10MP selfie camera on the cover, a 4MP camera on the larger screen, ans triple rear cameras, which include a 12MP ultra wide, a 50MP wide-angle and a 10MP 3x optical zoom camera. The Z Flip4 has a 10MP front (selfie) camera and rear dual 12MP ultra-wide and wide-angle cameras.

The number of cameras and the shapeshifting design of the phones offers incredible versatility of angles, types of shots and videos one can shoot with them.

Beyond the angles, low-light capability adds to the versatility of the devices in terms of when and where they can be used.

Remember the time when, to get the best pictures from a camera phone, there had to be daylight or at least plenty of lighting? That script has been flipped on its head and folded into history with Samsung’s Nightography, which promises great quality photos even at night.

There is a long list of things one can do with these phones’ cameras. The captured images can be edited in a variety of ways and make the user feel like a Photoshop wiz.

With Flex mode[i], one can put the phone on any surface and snap away collecting selfies. Out with family or a group of friends? Flex Cam[ii] allows one to take group selfies without any help and with everyone in the shot. The miracle word behind this is “gestures”, with which one prompts the camera into to action.

One can change or edit not only the pictures, but videos and GIFs too.

Here’s some more cool stuff you can do with the cameras, as suppled by Samsung:

  • Dual Preview

When you’re taking a picture of someone, they can be able to see how the picture looks on the screen facing them. Even when taking a selfie, you can be able to see how the picture will look before taking it. This means your ‘model’ can also play creative director by using the preview that appears on the Cover Screen and guiding you before you snap.

  • Capture View

Capture View gives you some previews of the photos you just took, so you can check and reshoot with ease for that perfect shot that you want.

  • Rear Cam Selfie

The Cover Screen can act as viewfinder, and let you capture your best side with the Z Fold4’s 50MP Wide Camera. Who doesn’t want their selfies in high resolution after all?

  • Expert Raw

Expert Raw gives you more control and brings you that much closer to pro level. It helps you capture a lot more shots from dark to brighter areas, all in one photo and edit at will.

  • AI Edit

The skills you probably never had are now right in your hand. Now you can do post-production right on your phone. You can retouch photos with ease using Photo Remaster and remove the things you don’t want with Object Eraser.

[i] Flex mode supported at angles between 75°and 115°.

[ii] FlexCam refers to camera experience using Flex mode.

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