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Samsung brings a new running mate to sports and wellness

The Watch5 Pro provides deeper insights and data to guide users towards their wellness goals.

Around the world, people are paying increasing attention to their physical and mental well-being. After the restrictions placed on physical movement and activity in the last two years, it is almost a rediscovery of health.

It comes as no surprise, then, that consumer interest in intelligent wearables has skyrocketed. And manufacturers have responded accordingly. In particular, Samsung has amplified its wellness capabilities, to provide greater access to fitness and health technology, allowing deeper insights and data to guide users towards their wellness goals.

The shift is symbolised by the newest addition to the Galaxy watch portfolio, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

Tough, smart, and engineered for the outdoor lifestyle, users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro will find it becoming as essential to the dedicated runner as that trusty pair of trainers.  

The heart of the matter is, well, the human heart – the driving engine behind our existence and activity. Runners specifically need to be in touch with heart health. In response, this device packs astonishing technological research into its modest size and rugged exterior.

It is host to the powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive sensor, which incorporates Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, an Electrical Heart sensor (ECG), and an Optical Heart Rate sensor. The Watch5 Pro also monitors other health indicators, such as skeletal muscle and body fat ratings. Working in unison, these intelligent systems keep users in an ongoing feedback loop, allowing them to plot a course to peak fitness.

It isn’t unusual for smart watches to track daily walking activity, but the Watch5 Pro goes far beyond that, monitoring a broad range of physical activity and calories. Auto Workout Tracking can handle 90 types of exercise, including running, hiking, swimming, cycling, gymming, golfing – and even high-intensity interval training( HIIT).

Thanks to its GPS and voice- and vibration-navigation, users can go roaming without losing their way, and Track Smart traces the exact route back to the starting point.

Fast to Charge, watch and human

One of the biggest concerns around mobile devices is their downtime – will they be power-down when we need them most? The Watch5 Pro addresses this with a bigger battery than its predecessors, but also charges at unprecedented speed: from 0% up to 45% charge in 30 minutes.

Charging your human battery is even more important. Good, regular sleep patterns are the bedrock of a resilient, healthy lifestyle, and anyone involved in gruelling physical activity has a particular need to monitor sleep. The Watch5 Pro guides users in that direction, with tips and full sleep reports. It detects and reports on, snoring, as well as the types of sleep stages one undergoes during the night, namely wakefulness, light sleep, deep, sleep, and REM.

The Pro offers wide range of watch faces and straps, in a variety of styles and colours that best reflect a user’s personality and vibe. It is water-resistant, with a super-tough front display made of premium Sapphire Crystal that’s more scratch-resistant than its hardy predecessor. Its titanium body has been designed to be resilient to meet the needs of active users.

Pricing and availability

The Watch5 Pro is available now, both online and in selected brick-and-mortar stores, with a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, for R11,999.

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