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Samsung launches global Tizen OS app contest

Samsung has announced a global Tizen App Development Programme to build an ecosystem for the Tizen operating system. Developers have been invited to submit mobile apps for an opportunity to win $10,000.

“As a committed leader of the Tizen platform, we strive to further benefit, expand upon and evolve the Tizen ecosystem,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “We’re excited to launch this new incentive program to help develop and bring the best mobile apps to the Tizen community as well as provide customers with a better mobile experience.”

The programme will run from February to October 2017 for application developers worldwide to broaden the Tizen application portfolio. The top 100 applications downloaded from the Tizen exclusive app market, Tizen Store, will be awarded with a $10,000 incentive each through the programme.*

Any individual or team developing applications or games for Tizen smartphones is eligible to apply for this developer incentive programme and are able to submit either new apps or existing apps already in service in the Tizen Store. Developers must register their apps for participation by visiting Individuals and companies can begin applying to participate in January 2017. The winners will be notified each month starting from 10 March and ending on 10t November 2017. Registration of participants will be accepted from January 2017, via the Tizen Developer Incentive Programme website.

Tizen developers can also monetize their apps through mobile advertisements with the InMobi Ad Software Development Kit (SDK). Developers are able to learn more and download the SDK at

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