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Sabinet streamlines regulatory access

Guidelines, standards, and directives that are essential for financial compliance can now be accessed via a more integrated route

Specialised information services company Sabinet has introduced a service that provides streamlined access to regulatory resources in the financial sector.

The resources, known as Regulatory Instruments, are issued by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and include guidelines, standards, and directives.

Sabinet says it has launched the service to simplify regulatory compliance for the financial sector by offering easy access to Regulatory Instruments, which will be consolidated and kept up-to-date in a variety of formats, including an HTML view, PDFs, and links to related content.

Since Regulatory Instruments form part of various legislations but are not always published in the Government Gazette, Sabinet also links them with relevant legislation. This allows users who are also subscribed to Sabinet’s National Legislation service (NetLaw) to streamline their work while ensuring that compliance is met.

This service has been developed with the financial and adjacent sectors, such as banking, long- and short-term insurers, regulators, and government departments. It allows users in these sectors to remain abreast of the prescribed regulatory requirements, which are rapidly becoming non-negotiable during an age in which corporate governance is becoming a key business driver.

“This service fills a gap in the industry, and we at Sabinet believe that it will improve the workflow and compliance efforts for many organisations operating in the Financial and associated sectors,” says Sanet Vos, head of product at Sabinet.

To learn more about Sabinet’s Financial Regulatory Instruments, click here.

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