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Puma Self-Lacing Shoes

Hot on the heels of Nike’s self-lacing shoes, Puma has announced its take on how self-lacing shoe technology works. The shoes are called FI, which stands for Fit Intelligence, and are standard training shoes that can adapt to the feet of those who wear it.

Click here to watch the demo and read more about how the self-lacing works.

With a swipe of the shoe’s tongue module, a user can adjust the tightness of the fit. Inside the module is a micromotor, which pulls the laces that run through the shoe. Tightness can also be adjusted from the smartphone app or wearable app.

These shoes come as a successor to Puma’s 2016 smartphone-connected self-lacing shows. They can be charged via Qi wireless chargers and last for up to five days. Unfortunately, the opportunity for step-tracking was missed, so the shoes don’t log steps or measure calories.

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