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New co-op shooter features time travel
and… Pizza?

Play as a bounty hunter in the alpha test for ‘Pizza Bandit’ until 16 June.

The co-op game Pizza Bandit is set in a future where time travel is possible. Malik, the protagonist, is an ex-mercenary with a passion for running a pizza restaurant. With the shop failing miserably, he is forced back to his old life, taking on bounty jobs to keep his dream afloat. 

As a time-traveling bounty hunter, he ventures across various eras, timelines, and realms on missions fraught with dangers.  His pizzeria serves as a crucial hub where he can regroup, strategise, and gear up for the thrilling conflicts that lie ahead. With his trusty time machine, players help Malik take on the brutal world of bounty hunting while ensuring the survival of his beloved pizzeria.

 A slice of features: 

  • Dodge Rolling into Action: In combat, the best way to survive is to roll and weave through enemies and bullets with deadly precision. 
  • Adrenaline-Fueled Encounters: Fast-paced battles demand quick reflexes and even quicker thinking. 
  • Missions and Combat: Gameplay meshes mission and combat mechanics such as pizza baking in Overcooked with over-the-shoulder, third-person shooting in Gears of War.  Each mission has five tiers of difficulty that reap bonus rewards the higher the difficulty. 
  • Customisable Weapons: Players can modify their weapons with a range of components discovered during missions. Strategically combining these components in specific sequences can enhance weapons with new effects and improvements.  
  • Bounty Contracts: Undertaking bounty contracts with specific objectives spanning multiple missions yields extra rewards (experience, loot, and cash) and unlocks new weapons and equipment, enhancing the gameplay experience. 
  • 1-4 Player Online Co-Op: Mission difficulty adjusts to squad size, however, sometimes the biggest challenge is co-ordinating with allies. Friendly fire is allowed, adding another layer of tension and strategy.  

Pizza Bandit is a game-changer in the co-op shooter genre,” said Aron Koh, executive producer at JofSoft. “With its intense, up-tempo action and thrilling mission-based gameplay, players will experience non-stop excitement and the adrenaline rush of dodging danger at every turn.

We’re excited to see players jump into the Alpha test on Steam and experience the heart-pounding chase for themselves.” 

The alpha test for Pizza Bandit is currently available on Steam, and ends 16 June 2024.

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