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Peace of mind with Samsung Galaxy A-Series 

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series smartphones pack powerful security features, as more users store private information on their handsets.

Samsung has been consistently setting its own higher bar for mobile innovation over the years, and its latest Galaxy A33 5G and A53 5G smartphones are no different. Both devices are immensely impressive and incredibly well-protected. They include large, immersive displays, long-lasting batteries, impressive pro-grade cameras to performance features like a whopping 5nm power processor. However, what happens when it comes down to trying to ensure that your cherished memories and personal information are kept safe and secure? Samsung takes on this challenge with Knox: the defence-grade security software that aims to ensure that what is yours, stays yours. 

What is Samsung Knox? 

Samsung Knox is a cutting-edge security solution that is targeted at providing real-time, end-to-end protection for your business and personal privacy without the need for third party IT protection. 

How Does Samsung Knox Protect You?

At the heart of Samsung Knox is a tamper-resistant environment that holds the data that matters most on your device – including PINs, passwords, biometrics and more. This innovative security technology means hackers are less likely to get past Knox Vault’s2 sensors which shut down the device, locking the data inside. 

Samsung Knox and Secure Folder

Secure Folder – another layer of protection from Samsung Knox – helps you create a secure space on your device to encrypt and store your private data and apps. This means that all your native apps can be moved to a “secure folder” which is then stored separately on the device, thus further protecting them from malicious attacks. Secure Folder also means that you can clone your favourite apps and access them via alternative profiles, managing content for each profile independently and effectively. 

Samsung Knox and Private Share

Enhanced with Samsung Private Share – a file sharing function that allows you to share your data without concerns of invasion of privacy and loss of ownership – your files are securely encrypted, and you, the owner of the data, can set permission and expiration date for the data and grant read-only access. This way, you control exactly who has access to your files, and for how long. 

Samsung Knox and the New Samsung Wallet

A new extension to Samsung Pay, Samsung Wallet is a convenient app that aims to give you a safe and protected space to store personal digital IDs – including a driver’s license, digital keys, credit and debit cards, vaccination records, and boarding passes.  

Samsung Knox: Available on Galaxy A33 5G and A53 5G

For those looking for added security and privacy, the Galaxy A33 5G and A53 5G comes with Samsung Knox already built into the phone’s hardware and software. This provides you with multi-layered protection from the chip up, defending your awesomeness from the moment you turn your device on. 

The Galaxy A33 5G is available at a recommended retail price of R6 999, and the Galaxy A53 5G for R8 999. 

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