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Panasonic PT-VMZ50 Mini Projector

Panasonic has unveiled the world’s smallest and lightest portable LCD laser projectors, the PT-VMZ50 series mini projectors,. They are designed for consistent brightness and easy installation, which make them ideal for temporary setups in places like small classrooms and boardrooms.

Click through to read about how the projector throws a large image, even when projecting close to a wall, and to see the specifications.



With a brightness range of 4,500 to 6,000 lumens, and a choice of WUXGA (1920×1200) or WXGA (1280×800) resolutions, the PT-VMZ50 Series features “Solid Shine” laser technology. Panasonic claims this technology enables 20,000 hours of consistent brightness and accurate colour reproduction, while reducing conventional protector lamp replacement hassles.

All projectors in the range feature 1.6x zoom lenses for short throw-distances, which works well for close range projection. The projectors support wide V/H lens-shift to achieve flexible installation in limited spaces where multiple screens are required in one room. This allows participants to share documents or videos on a big, bright screen even in small classes, conferences, work groups and discussions.

“Panasonic’s history of innovation continues with the expansion of our new series of high brightness portable LCD laser projectors,” says Scott Wellington, Projector Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Imaging and Visual Systems. “The new PT-VMZ50 Series sets a new standard in portable LCD laser projectors. Its small, compact and lightweight body make it easy to move from classroom to classroom, or between various meeting rooms, without sacrificing clear, crisp, vivid images. Our new portable laser projectors will enhance any classroom and meeting room experience by delivering great picture quality, flexible installation and reliable operation.”

Additional versatility is made possible with several features that have been built into the PT-VMZ50 Series, including 4K signal input via HDMI and Panasonic’s DIGITAL LINK connection, based on HDBase-T, which transmits video, audio, and control signals through a LAN cable for distances of up to 150 metres.

Wireless projection gives users the ability to share documents or images from their own devices regardless of seating location and without cable hassle, while the PT-VMZ50 Series laser light-source cuts the time needed to quickly display images after switching on the projector. This Quick Start/Quick Off feature makes it possible to project images in just one second from Standby so the presentation can start immediately.

The PT-VMZ50 Series of portable LCD laser projectors will be available March 2019.