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Overwatch: Ana’s Bastet Challenge

Prove yourself as a powerful guardian by completing Ana’s Bastet Challenge in Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing the fierce protector from the new Overwatch short story, “Bastet,” into the game with story-inspired content available to unlock for a limited time. The story was written by Michael Chu, and takes place after the events of the “Old Soldiers” comic.

Old Soldiers takes a look at the relationship between a few of the founding members of Overwatch. While on a mission in Egypt, Soldier: 76 is caught in a trap. But a ghost from the past swoops in to lend a hand — just like old times.

From now until 21 January, players will be able to undertake a special trial to earn five sprays, a player icon, a victory pose, and an epic Bastet Ana skin, for a total of eight new rewards. Don’t forget to link your Blizzard account to Twitch if you intend to earn sprays from watching streamers online instead of playing.