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Omoda combines power, style and tech

Omoda unveiled the C5 GT at a recent launch in Cape Town, setting a new standard for performance and customisation writes SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

Omoda unveiled the new C5 GT urban SUV at a recent launch in Cape Town. 

It features a Kunpeng 1.6T engine and a 7 dual-clutch transmission (DCT), incorporating advanced technologies such as the iHEC intelligent combustion system, low-inertia turbo, and an electric actuator. These innovations overcome low-speed torque limitations, enhance intake energy, and achieve rapid, efficient combustion. With a maximum power output of 145 kW and peak torque of 290 N.m.

The GT exhibits a sportier appearance with a lower front bumper, a split front headlight design, T-shaped daytime running lights, and urban flowing matrix LED taillights. Front and rear spoilers, side skirts, and an aerodynamic rear wing enhance its design.

The vehicle’s 12V start-stop function and independent rear suspension enhance fuel efficiency during short stops and increase wheel traction for improved comfort.

The infotainment system has a 10.25-inch LCD driver cluster and 10.25-inch centre control LCD screen. Connectivity to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is with a data cable. Whether I used Waze or Google Maps, there was no chance of getting lost on the unknown roads of the Western Cape. The screen where the map is displayed is big, clear and high-resolution.

While driving on the narrow roads, the 360 degree camera came in very useful to see the distance between the passing vehicles. Reversing and parking was also made easy with parking sensors.

Standard features on the Omoda C5 GT include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward-Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency-Braking (AEB), Blind-Spot Detection (BSD), Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane-Departure Warning (LDW), Integrated Cruise Assist (ICA), Lane-Departure Prevention (LDP), Traffic-Congestion Assist (TJA) and Emergency Lane-Keeping (ELK).

Looking more closely at the technology in the vehicle: the front row has one USB port and one Type-C port, while the second row has one Type-C port; Intelligent Voice Command (“Hello…”) that can be personalised;  eight Sony speaker sound system;  wireless charging (15kW); and, best of all, a  Passive-Entry-Passive-Start (PEPS), which allowed me to start the vehicle while the key was in my pocket.

Pricing for the Omoda C5 GT starts from R 589,000.

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