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Newish kid on the
block returns

Taking a closer look at the Omoda C5 GT, SHERYL GOLDSTUCK is still smitten with what it has to offer.

Test driving the fun and affordable Omoda C5 GT for the second time gave me the opportunity to dive properly into this SUV. The GT version has the powerhouse Kunpeng 1.6T engine and a sleek 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). 

The car is packed with cutting-edge tech like the iHEC, intelligent combustion system, a low-inertia turbo, and an electric actuator. These innovations give you incredible low-speed torque, boost intake energy, and ensure rapid, efficient combustion. With a maximum power output of 145 kW and peak torque of 290 Nm, you are in for a thrilling ride.

The GT does not just perform; it looks the part too. Sporting a lower front bumper, a split front headlight design, T-shaped daytime running lights, and urban flowing matrix LED taillights, this car oozes sporty flair. Add in front and rear spoilers, side skirts, and an aerodynamic rear wing, and you have got a vehicle that turns heads wherever it goes, just like it did the first time I test drove it.

But it is not just about looks. The 12V start-stop function and independent rear suspension boost fuel efficiency and improve wheel traction for a smoother, more comfortable drive.

Inside, the fun continues with a high-tech infotainment system featuring a 10.25-inch LCD driver cluster and a matching 10.25-inch centre control screen. Plug in your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay with a data cable, and you are all set, most of the time. Using Google Maps, the crystal-clear, high-resolution screen ensures you will never get lost on the streets of Johannesburg.

Navigating narrow streets is made easy thanks to the 360-degree camera, and parking is a cinch with the help of parking sensors. While the back window and rear-view mirror does seem small, something I did not notice the first time I test drove the C5 GT, the camera more than makes up for the size.

The Omoda C5 GT comes loaded with standard features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward-Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind-Spot Detection (BSD), Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane-Departure Warning (LDW), Integrated Cruise Assist (ICA), Lane-Departure Prevention (LDP), Traffic-Congestion Assist (TJA), and Emergency Lane-Keeping (ELK).

Dive into the tech-savvy interior: the front row boasts a USB port and a Type-C port, while the second row has its own Type-C port. The Intelligent Voice Command system is personalised to respond to “Hello…” The eight-speaker Sony sound system delivers top-notch audio, and the 15kW wireless charging pad keeps your devices juiced up. 

And the Passive-Entry-Passive-Start (PEPS) system means you can start the car with the key still in your pocket. 

The Omoda C5 GT sells for R 589,990.

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