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Now for solar-powered headphones

With CES 2022 around the corner, Blue Tiger USA has won an Innovation Award for its Solare headset, the world’s first solar-powered headset.



Blue Tiger USA has won a CES 2022 Innovation Award for its Solare headset, the world’s first solar-powered communications headset for hands-free driving. The powerful Solare Headset harvests light from any source – indoor or outdoor for continuous use without the need to recharge a battery. Blue Tiger will be introducing Solare at CES 2022, held in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2022 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Targeted to the demanding needs of road warriors, such as truckers, professional drivers, commuters, and long-distance travellers, the Blue Tiger Solare military-grade Bluetooth headset combines patented solar technology for virtually unlimited use without recharging, with powerful 97% noise cancellation technology and high-quality speaker components. This is all powered by a flexible solar cell for a hands-free driving communications experience. Solare continuously self-charges when exposed to indoor or outdoor sunlight, eliminating the worry about battery life, so drivers always receive and transmit essential communications clearly.

“We are honoured to win the CES 2022 Innovation Award for our break-through solar-powered innovation. With the Blue Tiger Solare, professional drivers can now travel more safely without worrying about distractions and potential accidents that can be caused by plugging in a headset to charge while driving,” says Chantal Saah, CEO and co-founder, Blue Tiger USA. “With Solare, drivers connect to important weather alerts, accident and traffic reports, GPS instructions, dispatchers, fellow drivers, friends, and loved ones. And because of Solare’s solar technology, truckers and other drivers never again have to worry about dead batteries or remembering to charge their headsets.”

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