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Nokia’s Hightech Workhorse

The Nokia 6233, is the upgrade to the successful Nokia 6230i does it live up to its predecessors reputation of being the ultimate workhorse?

It has a revised version of Nokia’s classic software, which is fantastically simple to use and very quick. A new feature on the Nokia 6233i is wallpaper shortcuts, Nokia calls this “My Active Standby””, it puts your notes, calender, MP3 Player and shortcuts to the most commonly used applications on your phone, right on your standby screen. The 6233i fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and the keys are well sized.

Yes, Nokia promised a high quality, very versatile workhorse and thats what they delivered, it keeps up and even in some cases trumps the competition, the 6233i is made at Nokia’s plant in Germany which has produced such esthetically high quality phones such as the 8800i. The business functions on this Nokia are very impressive, with 3G it can download e mails up to 300kb with attachments it also has a full web browser which will keep you up to date on the latest happenings of the business world. The calender, contacts, notes and your to-do list sync perfectly using Nokia’s Sync software on Windows XP and Vista.

Yes, for about R2 600 it is very competitive and well worth the money.

This is almost the perfect phone, except for one major flaw, while every other cell phone manufacture is trying to make their phones slim and sexy Nokia has lost the plot a bit as this phone is very thick and rather heavy. But if you don’t mind your phone being a bit overweight then this is the best in its class.

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