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Nokia refreshes iconic feature phones

HMD this week introduced a Nokia 8210 4G, 2660 Flip, and 5710 XpressAudio, along with affordable new tablets

Three new Nokia feature phones were announced today by HMD Global, building on the brand’s legacy of durability and affordability. The unveiling went hand-in-hand with a new durable and affordable tablet.

The new lineup comprised the following:

  • Nokia 8210 4G: Says Nokia, is “a ‘90s style icon in its own right, reborn with 4G and modern essentials”.
  • Nokia 2660 Flip: “a sleek and stylish flip phone built for simplicity and accessibility”.
  • Nokia 5710 XpressAudio: “a new design made for the 21st Century with in-built wireless earbuds”.
  • Nokia T10: “portable power in a compact 8” tablet with a durable design”.

Nokia says these “value devices” are being released at a time of anxiety for consumers as the cost of living continues to rise, while the feature phones land at a time when ‘90s consumer culture is resonating with customers. 

“Classic Nokia heritage is combined with innovation in our feature phone portfolio,” says Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global. “At the same time, we have brought our signature longevity promises to the tablet market.  Innovation is just as important as heritage in our range, which shines through with Nokia – a feature phone built for the 21st Century. Nokia delivers audio freedom through game-changing design.”

Nokia provided the following information on each of the new devices:

Nokia T10 

Small but mighty, the newest Nokia tablet is durable inside and out. Its unibody polymer design and nano-textured finish hide scratches so it looks almost as good as new when you pass it down to a family member or friend. Inside, the latest Android 12 software, two years of guaranteed Android upgrades, and three years of monthly security updates (twice as many as the competition) future-proof the device. 

It also comes with Google Entertainment Space and Google Kids Space to make life easy whether the kids are enjoying tablet time, or you’re searching for your next favourite show. Meanwhile, a new range of accessories complements the Nokia T10’s functionality. This includes the Nokia Flip cover which handles most workplace environments and guards the entire device against bumps and scratches. It is available in Dark Blue or Cyan (green-blue shade) so you can stand out while keeping the tablet protected.

Nokia 8210 4G

Nokia 8210 4G – a new addition to the ‘Originals’ family – celebrates the iconic Nokia 8210 launched in 1999 at Paris Fashion Week. Inspired by the classic feature phone, the new Nokia 8210 4G turns heads by combining memorable design and signature durability with 4G, VoLTE capability, a large 2.8” display and an intuitive user interface. Plus, it has weeks of standby battery like the good old days. 

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio takes what people loved about the Nokia 5310 and makes it even better. A bigger battery, dedicated audio control keys, and built-in wireless earbuds ramp up the audio experience to the next level and meet the needs of modern users. When not in use, earbuds are housed beneath a sleek slider on the back of the phone, so you always know where they are and are charged. That, together with loud dual speakers means you can enjoy music privately or together with friends just like the artist intended with rich bass, clear highs, and natural vocals.

Nokia 2660 Flip

The flip functionality and thoughtful design of the Nokia 2660 Flip make call handling simple by bringing the mic and earpiece closer to you. Enhanced, confidence-boosting accessibility features mean it is loved by everyone, especially those over 55. Its big display, hearing aid compatibility, stellar battery life, and big buttons provide a seamless experience for those who need it the most. The dedicated emergency button provides peace of mind by allowing quick contact with your loved ones. In case the unexpected happens, five contacts will be notified, so they can ensure help is on the way. And, if you’d like to always know where your phone is and that it is charging when not in use, the sturdy Nokia Charging Cradle is the perfect accessory.

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