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New Chromecast comes with a remote – and without apps

A new app-less version of Chromecast has been released, dubbed Chromecast with Google TV, which shows all streaming services content in one place without having to go into an app.



The new Chromecast with Google TV has been released in the US for $50, making it one of the cheapest 4K streaming devices on the market. Chromecast has been overhauled to include a new user interface that is controlled via a dedicated remote, instead of controlling the device solely from a smartphone or tablet. 

The interface, called Google TV, has been optimised for the new remote and focuses on the content inside the apps, rather than the apps themselves. It organises movies and TV shows from the different services in one, clean home screen. It also uses personalised recommendations, based on what content a user watches, regardless of streaming service. 

The new remote also has some cool new features, like voice commands, and buttons specifically for showing content from Netflix and YouTube. 

It still acts like an old Chromecast, meaning one can still cast to the TV without the remote. It may be worth it to use the remote though, because the interface can show a user if a movie they’re looking for is on special from different providers, or if it may even be free from one of their subscribed streaming services. 

In the US, it also has a focus on live TV via YouTube TV, which offers over 85 live channels for streamers to watch. Next year, streamers will also be able to connect the Stadia controller to their Chromecast with Google TV to play games via the device. 

The Chromecast comes in three colours, Snow white, Sunrise pink, and Sky blue. While colour didn’t matter too much with the old Chromecasts (because it would be hidden behind the TV), the new Chromecast’s remote comes in the same colour as the device. 

Local availability of the Chromecast with Google TV has not been announced but it is available now in the US for $50. Watch out for it on local online stores, like