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Netsurit launches cyber risk and compliance management platform

Netsurit has partnered with Centraleyes to create a SaaS-based governance risk management and compliance (GRC) solution for customers.

IT service provider Netsurit today announced the launch of a new cyber risk and compliance platform that aims to empower organisations to understand their cyber risks and how best to manage them.

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks have steadily intensified in recent years. Boosted by increasingly sophisticated tactics and cutting-edge technology, malicious actors are thriving. Recent cyberattacks have shown how vulnerable organisations are to cybercriminals and ransomware assaults, which pose a threat to people, the economy and infrastructure.

“Cybercrime is here and ignoring the dangers it poses to your business could prove detrimental to your business, which is why we are very excited to partner with Centraleyes and their next-generation GRC to help clients enhance their protection,” says Orrin Klopper, Netsurit CEO. “With Centraleyes we now have a cyber risk management platform that equips organisations with the most advanced tools available to achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance.”

Netsurit says its new solution centralises risk in one dashboard powered by cutting-edge, next-generation GRC platform, Centraleyes. This gives decision-makers in an organisation the insights needed to identify trouble spots and take quick and effective actions.

“Our cloud-based platform reimagines cyber risk management and helps organisations achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance,” says Shaun Davis, Netsurit’s chief security officer. “It saves time and resources while creating a far more resilient cyber risk and compliance programme.

“A company’s assets can be categorised into people, hardware, software, facilities, data, and networks. We prioritise those assets and assess them, using NIST CSF (The National Institute of Standards and Cyber Security Framework) five function areas as the fundamental building blocks of our assessment: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.”

This new offering extends Netsurit’s cyber security capabilities and enables proactive risk management on top of current services that include:

  • Advanced threat services including endpoint threat detection and prevention, malware detection and prevention, and phishing prevention
  • Managed security management including managed firewalls, Intrusion detection and prevention, and multi-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Vulnerability assessments and testing

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