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Netflix show Cursed gets gaming content

South Korean game developer Kakao Games has released crossover content with the Netflix Original Series, Cursed, in the Black Desert game.

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have brought new crossover content into its Black Desert game from the Netflix Original Series, Cursed, which recently premiered on the streaming service. The content features a new Cursed-themed questline that will be rolled out on all platforms. 

Black Desert Online for PC is releasing the Cursed content today, 29 July. To celebrate the crossover and to allow everyone to participate, Black Desert Online is currently free to download from If new adventurers are able to reach level 50 before 5 August, the game is theirs to keep. 

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will get the Cursed content on 5 August. 

Adventurers who play Black Desert on mobile will also be able to start the new quest today. 

The mysterious new quest features series characters and focuses on Nimue and the fearsome Red Paladins, who have been mysteriously transported to the world of Black Desert. Players are tasked with defending Nimue against the Red Paladin threat and assisting her in returning to her world. 

Upon successfully completing the quest, players will receive tokens that can be exchanged for special in-game items. 

For more information on this crossover, Kakao Games’ level-up event, the latest news and events, visit the dedicated website per platform:

For more information on Netflix’s Cursed, visit this page.  

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