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More than half of gamers have upped their, err, game

More than a third of the general population has increased time spent gaming during the coronavirus crisis



More than  half of regular gamers – 53% – have been spending more time in front of a computer screen since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, according to a survey by Havas Media. More than a third – 36% – of the general population have reported more screen time. 

The longer the quarantines are in place, the higher the gaming consumption: between March 24 and 26, 38% of 14-29-year-olds spent more time playing computer games, rising to 48% the week after. For 30-49-year-olds, the relative increase was even greater, from 22% to 33% .

Gaming stocks are among the very few industries that profit from the current events. The demand for information on gaming stocks on Google is at a record high.  As shown on the infographic, between February 16 and 22, the relative search volume reached its highest level in the past 365 days. At the same time, securities in most other industries are experiencing massive losses.

A look at the price trend also shows the current crisis resistance of the game developers. While the DAX lost 12.7% last month, the prices of Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and TakeTwo Interactive increased. The biggest increase is at Nintendo, at 22%.

“The positive effects on the gaming industry are undeniable,” said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay.  “The crisis could accelerate the already strong growth of the gaming industry, although the effects on the internal processes of the corporations cannot yet be predicted”.

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