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More steps and sleep get you more life cover

A new life insurnace system will reward users with more life cover as they improve their lifestyle, at no additional cost.

1Life, Samsung South Africa and LifeQ have partnered to launch the  life insurance eco-system, called 1Life Pulse. It is backed by leading wearables and app technology and enables consumers to grow their life insurance cover, simply, by making better choices. 

1Life Pulse is a sophisticated lifestyle monitor and management system that tracks and guides heart, activity and sleep, monitoring overall wellbeing. Every time a customer chooses to get a little extra sleep or go for a walk, for example, they can grow their life cover by up to R216 per day, or up to R6 560 per month. Over two years, policyholders are able to grow their additional life cover by up to R200,000, as they grow their wellbeing

All qualifying new 1Life policyholders that take out cover for R1-million or more receive a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, chipped against their 1Life policy number. By downloading and activating the VeoSens App by Samsung and LifeQ, consumers can start growing their life insurance. As soon as they take up cover, they earn an immediate R50,000 towards their life cover. From there, each time the watch is strapped on, policy holders can grow their additional life cover in two ways: 50% by monitoring their activities and another 50% by making positive changes.

“We can’t all be athletes or go to the gym, especially now with social distancing –  but we can all do the activities of ‘life’ well and this is what the 1Life Pulse product and eco-system encourages,” says Laurence Hillman, CEO of 1Life. “We want to help ordinary South Africans on a journey of positive change, helping them make better choices around their wellbeing and to be rewarded through real-time increases to their life insurance every month.” 

In the wearables space, low-frequency measurements based on annual and episodic data such as nurse and fitness instructor visits, combined with basic continuous activity data, is used. With 1Life Pulse however, VeoSens provides a real-time snapshot of one’s overall wellbeing which allows users to see the impact of simple lifestyle changes.

LifeQ’s solutions are based on computational systems biology, delivering a unique range of health information by modelling the body’s physiological systems and how they interact with each other. LifeQ provides four custom Health Scores for Heart, Activity, Sleep and Fitness. These scores provide users with a real understanding of their current state of health and wellbeing and the influence of changes in lifestyle and behaviour – beyond merely counting steps and gym visits.

“We believe that what 1Life has done here is revolutionary – using inputs from a wearable device and rewarding the everyday person with real benefits. We are really proud to help power the industry’s first continuous, wearable-only, wellbeing engagement solution,” says Christopher Rimmer, VP Commercial at LifeQ. “The information provided by LifeQ lets 1Life customers engage in and manage their health and, in the long-term, create a whole new innovation platform for 1Life to better help their customers live better lives.

Says Kagiso Khaole, head of content and services at Samsung South Africa: “At Samsung, we are always looking for strategic partnerships that not only bolster the Galaxy ecosystem but, more importantly, deliver an unrivalled user experience coupled with exceptional consumer benefits. This partnership with 1Life does exactly this – enabling us to demonstrate our vision of a connected lifestyle to even more South Africans.”

The 1Life Pulse product helps consumers realise that even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a difference to their wellbeing and simultaneously grow their life insurance cover.

“Our offering is underpinned by the fact that, as your life and wellbeing grows, so too does your cover,” says Hillman. “This is a new way of life cover, which we believe will be the way of life cover in the future.”

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